About Christian Coaching

Christian Coaching uses the Holy Bible to help you RISE above average in every part of your life, according to God’s Word, His ways and His Will.

You can see why Life Coaching is often the first part of Business Coaching, right?

As much as I enjoy coaching people in their business, I have often spent a lot of time coaching them in life. Once their “isms” were put in their proper place the business coaching went better than expected for much of our time together.

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Christian Life Coaching

This, in some ways, is similar to regular Life Coaching. However, it’s not just a matter of you and I being believers.

Christian Business Coaching

Business is business, right? Not in a million years! In fact, there is a bigger difference between Christian Business Coaching and secular business coaching.

Many people think of coaching as it relates to sports. I did the same thing, when I first began studying how to be a Coach.

As a former athlete, I thought of coaching like someone is going to tell me which “plays” to make, in an attempt to create a win-win situation. I wanted my client and myself to see victory in our coaching sessions. 

With the 40+ years of work and business experience , I have obtained, I know there is someone I can help, to reach their business goals.

We each have our own “isms” – those things holding us back from reaching our full potential.It only makes sense that whatever is holding you back in life, is affecting you and your business, too, right? Some people bury themselves in their business, job, etc. in an attempt to escape their reality, or “isms”. This technique of avoidance, doesn’t last forever. It certainly does not make the issues go away.

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